3 Deep Clean Situations In Cache Valley That Need A Little Extra Care

Hand being washed

At Clean Freak Utah, we specialize in one thing, cleaning. Whether your business has been under construction, you are moving in or out or even after a death in the family. There are times for a general clean and times for some deep cleaning. Here are three situations that need a deep cleaning focus in Cache Valley.


After Construction Clean Up

Did your home or office space just undergo some major (or minor) changes? Then you could use a deep clean to get access to those hard to reach spots where dust and debris can get to. Cleaning construction debris can include dusting in hard to reach spots, inside windows (and window tracks), wall washings, and underneath and around appliances. Not cleaning those areas can cause unneeded wear, get blown into electronics or other sensitive areas and cause allergies to go crazy. You may have to go over an area multiple times to get it all cleaned up.


Move-In or Move Out Cleans

Do you own a rental property? Did you just buy a new home? Before you move in is the ideal time to perform a deep clean. We all know people who move out do their absolute best to clean on your behalf, but we also know that when someone moves they are under some time constraints and may have forgotten to clean every nook there is. Cleaning ceiling fans, vents, around cupboards and crevices will not only look good but will improve the air quality and smell of the space you are moving into. 


And…if you happen to be moving and are under a time crunch, hiring a professional deep cleaning service helps put your mind at ease while you focus on the big picture, moving day.


What a relief it would be to just focus on packing and getting ready for the big move when the professionals can handle all the deep cleaning that needs to get done while you enjoy a more stress-free move! 


Death In The Family

Was there someone close to you who has recently passed? Or are you looking to sell a house that was owned by a lost loved one? The last thing one wants to do is clean out a house and get it ready to sell. In some cases most family doesn’t live super close to deceased members for a quick day trip, making it even more difficult to schedule time off of work while taking care of the estate. Either create a very detailed plan and plan a day to clean or hire a reputable professional cleaning service to come in and help. In some cases, we work alongside someone helping to reduce the stress of the situation.


Let Clean Freak Utah Take Care Of You  

Clean Freak Utah can deep clean just about anything and meet any of your deep cleaning needs. Head on over to our website to check out more specifics about what we can do for you and give us a call to deep clean your situation.