Clean couch and living area

Hiring a cleaning service can take all the cleaning burdens off of you and your loved ones. It can even make your life a tad bit easier. We at CleanFreak Utah can make arrangements based upon your budget, needs, and availability. Check out these three homes that would benefit from a professional cleaning. 


Aging Parents Or Grandparents

As we grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to keep a clean home. We don’t have the energy or even the capability to reach and clean every room that needs constant cleaning. Your kitchen, your living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms, all need constant care and routine cleaning. 



Having a clean home is important for you and your loved ones right? Hiring a professional cleaning service, such as CleanFreak Utah, can keep a very clean living space for those who may not be able to keep up with every day cleaning tasks. At CleanFreak, we offer a customizable cleaning service that involves you from start to finish, so that we know exactly what your needs are.


Highly Allergic

Do you have seasonal allergies or even just allergies in general that are acting up? Did you know you could have a home that is allergen-free from outside (or inside) sources? CleanFreak is available year-round to service and clean any need you may have. Give us a call to find out how we can give you some relief and ease from your allergies.


We Meet All Needs

CleanFreak Utah offers a service made just for you and your loved ones. We care about you and your family’s needs, and with that in mind, we make sure that we put every ounce of care into cleaning your home. Give CleanFreak Utah a call today to let us know what burden we can ease today.