Spring-CleaningIt’s spring-cleaning time again. As the weather starts to warm up and the snow melts, everybody starts working on the cleanup projects that fell by the wayside during the cold months. It’s more than just homes that need spring-cleaning, though. Commercial properties and businesses have been neglected over the winter, too.


Commercial Cleanliness

Cleanliness is an important part of a commercial property or business. It tends to be the first impression customers get. If people walk into an office and the carpet’s spotty, the desks and chairs are dusty, and the light chokes a bit trying to get through the windows, what kind of message is being sent? It tells your customers that you don’t actually care about your business. That’s not a message you want to send.


Health and Happiness

A big part of productivity is good health. If you’re feeling sick and depressed, you don’t work as hard. Nothing makes people feel sick and depressed like an unclean working place. Hopefully, you haven’t neglected the inside of your commercial property over the winter, but now it’s time to get the outside up to par, too.


Carpets and Windows

The two biggest things that fall behind on cleaning over the winter are carpets and windows. During the winter, there’s a lot more pollutants out there. The excess salt on the roads to melt the ice gets on your shoes and starts to build up in the carpets. Here in Cache Valley, where we suffer from a yearly inversion, pollutants in the air can leave deposits on your windows that you won’t have during the summer. Since cleaning carpets and windows get neglected, that means when spring comes around, they need some major TLC.


Yard Maintenance

If you own commercial properties, you probably also own the yard and lawn around it. The snow, both from the clouds and pushed by the plows, is a huge attractor of dirt and grime. When the snow melts, it all goes onto your lawn. These will need to be cleaned up as well if you want your business to look good and stay clean.


Let Us Help

Here at Clean Freak, we’re here to help. For reasonable prices, we’ll help you give your commercial property a good spring-cleaning. And if you’re looking for cleanup in the yard, we recommend the Cache Valley Lawn King. If you want to save some time and energy on cleaning this year, get in touch with us and let us help you out.