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4 Things To Plan Ahead For This Summer

One of the important steps to staying ahead is planning ahead. If you’re looking to rent a summer vacation home, apartment, or other building, now’s the time to be thinking about managing the cleaning on it. With the pandemic still ongoing, cleaning is still an absolute essential for summer rentals. Let’s look over what you can do to prepare your vacation rental properties.

The AirBnB Checklist

You may or may not be renting through AirBnB, but they’ve got a pretty solid checklist for cleaning your rental buildings. The article BnB Specialists presents is really thorough and covers all the bases. Many people looking to rent summer vacation homes use it as a baseline to get started. To make it more manageable, there are a few things you can do.

1. What The Guest Can Do

There’s always a lot to do and doing it all by yourself is really tough. This is especially true right now, where extra cleaning is required to conform to CDC health guidelines. To make it easier, there are a few things you can ask the people who rent from you to do before they leave. These items include:

  • Putting dishes in the dishwasher and turning it on
  • Take out the garbage
  • Prepare linen and towels for washing; if the rental unit has an adequate washing machine, ask them to get a load started before they leave
  • Other simple cleaning, such as wiping down counters, a quick vacuum, or sweeping kitchen floors

Keep your requests simple, reasonable, and easy to do. Keep in mind, you can’t require it, but most renters are more than happy to do some simple cleaning before they leave if you ask. Just make sure you don’t ask anything that delays checkout.

2. Communicate With Guests

Just having a checklist isn’t enough. You have to communicate the expectations and requests with your guests. When they sign up to rent from you, whether they do it online or in person, make sure you provide the checklist of things you expect and explain it to them. If they know what the expectations are, they’ll be more likely to follow them. Before completing check-out, make sure you talk with your guests to find out what cleaning they did. You can have them fill out the checklist, or just ask them directly when you confirm. Knowing what they did themselves helps you know what you need to do yourself after they’re gone to prepare it for the next guest.

Note that you can add extra rules to help make your job easier. You can tell guests to keep food out of bedrooms to avoid messes. Ask them to take off their shoes so they don’t spread mud and dirt in the property. As above, you have no reasonable way to enforce these rules, but most renters will be polite and follow them if you ask.

3. What You Do Yourself

The bulk of the cleaning is something you’ll have to do yourself. These include:

  • Disinfection and sanitization
  • Mopping floors and shampooing carpets
  • Cleaning showers, toilets, and bathrooms
  • Replacing supplies
  • Repairing any damage (if necessary, renters should report damage)
  • Deep cleaning
  • Anything cleaning the guest didn’t complete

The AirBnB checklist linked to early provides a pretty comprehensive list of things you’ll need to clean. If you make out a list of all the things there are to do, you can print it off so it’s easier to follow. Checklists are more than just a great way to know what’s already been done.  They also help you see the progress you’re making. Each check on the list shows you getting one step closer to completion, making it easier to get it finished.

4. Get Help

It’s a lot of work to get all the cleaning done between guests. Since you can’t require your guests to do any actual cleaning, you can’t count on them doing any of it. Even if they do help you out any, the amount you can ask them to do is pretty limited. If you want to get the cleaning done quicker, having a little help is always good. There are plenty of cleaning companies who are willing to help. If you don’t get it done in time, renters are going to notice the rental property is dirty. People are more likely to give bad reviews than good ones, so you can’t risk them getting upset. Hiring someone to help you clean is definitely a better business strategy than trying to do it all yourself and not getting it all done.

Clean Freak Utah cleaning servicesWe Can Help

Clean Freak is ready to help you with your cleaning. If you want the extra help cleaning up your rental properties, go ahead and get in touch. When you have a schedule for guests and know when cleaning needs to be done, you can schedule us ahead of time to come out and clean up the place as soon as your guests check out. That way, you don’t have to worry. You know your property will be cleaned up and ready for your next guest when they arrive!