a clean office and commercial space

a clean office and commercial spaceCleaning your office or commercial space is a necessary part of doing business. You don’t want your business looking terrible when clients come by, do you? It sends a signal that you don’t care; if you don’t care about your office, why would you care about your work? But there are a lot of mistakes people make in cleaning that can be just as bad as having a dirty commercial space. Here are some of the ones we’ve seen here at Clean Freak.

1. Using the Wrong Type of Cleaner

There are many different types of cleaners out there and each have specific uses. If you use the wrong kind of cleaner, it can cause serious damage. A spray for cleaning bathroom will damage a wooden desk. Cleaners with bleach in them will white out the colors on your carpet. You might think that these are silly mistakes, but you’d be surprised how often we see them. People will grab a spray bottle and start using it without looking to even see what it is. Sometimes, the proper cleaner will be empty, so they grab something else thinking it will be fine. If you don’t know what’s in the cleaner, you can’t be sure it won’t do more harm than good.

2. Not Closing Caps

This happens a lot. In one office where we worked, they would have employees clean their own office spaces before they hired us. They would take whatever bottles were on the shelves in the janitor’s closet, wipe down their space, then put the bottles back without checking to make sure they were properly sealed. The reason they ended up hiring us to do the cleaning regularly was because of all the spills. The caps would be loose and drip all over the carpet, or someone would accidentally knock a bottle over and spill it when the cap popped right off. The messes made this way were worse than the messes made just by employees doing their regular work. They were often harder to clean because of the damage that incorrect cleaners would do to the walls and carpets, too. When you put your cleaning supplies away, make sure the caps are on good and tight to prevent this.

cleaning chemicals3. Don’t Mix Chemicals

This one should be obvious, but it’s shockingly easy to do it on accident. This is especially true when you’re cleaning an area that requires different types of cleaners. For example, bathroom areas often need two or three different kinds of cleaners to do the job right. Sometimes, if those chemicals mix together, they create toxic fumes. I’ve seen numerous occasions where people cleaned an area with one chemical, then immediately moved to another and accidentally mixed the chemicals just as a part of cleaning up. Another mistake people sometimes make is mixing chemicals in mop buckets because they don’t properly rinse out the old chemicals.

You’ve got to be careful with cleaning supplies and make sure they don’t mix together. Often, it’s better to clean one part of an area with one chemical, then do a different area while the first one dries before finishing the job.

4. Scrubbing Carpets

You see a stain on the carpet. You think, “Oh, what the heck? I’ll just scrub it with some carpet cleaner.” This is a very common mistake. Scrubbing a carpet can actually make the stain sink deeper, or spread to other parts of the carpet. It’s better to blot the carpet instead. This absorbs the moisture instead of wiping it around. Here’s a simple, step-by-step video guide:

5. Don’t Store Chemicals With Other Supplies

This is a basic safety procedure that I see ignored constantly. People think, “Oh, I know not to drink cleaning supplies, I won’t make that mistake.” So, they store their cleaning chemicals in drawers with other supplies, sometimes even food. I’ve seen cleaning supplies stored in the same drawer as coffee making supplies. Even if people are smart enough not to drink from a bottle of cleaning solutions, those bottles can leak, or there could be spills. Accidents happen, you know.

When you store cleaning supplies, you should always store them separately from other things. This is the best way to avoid contamination.

Consider Outsourcing

As I mentioned before, these are all common mistakes I see people make. A lot of people get careless when it comes to cleaning their own spaces, grabbing whatever’s at hand, or failing to properly put them away. When you have your employees clean their own spaces, these mistakes are bound to happen. That’s why it’s better to have a dedicated cleaning staff. You can outsource the cleaning work to a local business, someone who knows how to clean properly because they do it for a living. Professionals won’t make these amateur mistakes.

If you live in Cache Valley, or the surrounding areas, Clean Freak has you covered. If you’ve got an office or commercial space that needs cleaning, we can take care of it for you. Go ahead and contact us today. We offer basic and deep cleaning packages to suit your office cleaning needs.

keeping your business sanitized during covid-19

keeping your business sanitized during covid-19Covid-19 has left us with a sort of Schrodinger’s Economy – it’s both going and not going at the same time. Still, there’s the possibility that businesses will be given the go ahead to reopen soon. Whether or not this is a good thing is also in a state of quantum flux, but one thing is certain: people are going to be nervous about going places for a while. That means it’s a good idea to keep your business sanitized.

Hopefully you’ve already been doing that, but just in case, let’s go over some things you should know for keeping your business sanitized.

1. Set Up A Plan

Keeping your business sanitized is going to require some careful thought and coordination. Everybody’s going to need to know what to do to keep things clean. Make sure to get your plan written out and printed up so you can give a copy to each of your employees. They need to know what they’re doing as much as you do.

2. Hand Washing

washing your handsOne of the most effective ways to combat the spread of the virus is to wash your hands. Simple soap can destroy the tissues that hold viruses together, making it impossible for them to infect you. It’s usually a good idea to have a hand washing policy anyway, but it’s critical at this time. The CDC recommends you and your employees wash your hands after any of the following actions:

  • After using the bathroom.
  • Before, during and after food preparation.
  • After blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • After touching garbage.

If you cannot get enough soap, alcohol based hand sanitizer is the second best option.

3. Sneezing and Coughing Etiquette

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus. It gets into your lungs, intentionally provoking coughing so it can spread. It’s important that you teach proper hygiene for coughing and sneezing to help reduce the spread.

You should avoid coughing or sneezing into your hand. People use their hands for everything, so sneezing into your hands will simply spread the virus. Instead, cough into your shoulder, or a tissue. After doing so, throw the tissue away and wash your hands.

4. Provide Options for Employees

You don’t want employees to feel like they need to come in and work if they’re sick. If they do, they’ll only infect everyone, which will cause the disease to spread more quickly. To avoid this, make sure your sick leave policy is ready to cover your workers if they need to take time off. Ask your employees to report if they get tested and if they do, do not wait until the results come back to take them off the work schedule. If they are getting tested, they are probably showing symptoms, which means they have already been infectious; forcing them to come into work will only make things worse. Small business loans can be taken out to cover sick leave and policies are in place which could allow you to have those loans forgiven if they are used to cover sick leave for your employees. Check what benefits are available to help you out.

Where possible, arrange for a work-from-home program. There are many jobs in different businesses that can be done from home thanks to the internet. If your business is one that does not absolutely require employees to come in, give them the option to not do so.

5. Keep Workstations Clean

Encourage all of your employees to regularly clean their workstations. Regular cleaning of workstations should be done once per hour if you can manage it. Use cleaner to spray down the desk and office equipment, and wipe things clean.

In addition to workstations, all high touch surfaces should be regularly cleaned as well. These include all of the following:

  • Credit card machines
  • tables and chairs
  • Doorknobs
  • menus
  • salt and pepper shakers
  • sauce containers
  • food trays
  • light switches
  • railings

Use some good judgement to come up with any other high-touch surfaces that should be cleaned.

6. Do Weekly Full Cleanings

covid cleanupIn addition to the routine cleaning your employees should be doing every day, you’ll want to do full cleanings once a week. Designate a day during the week when you do the least amount of business for this. Shut down your business for the day and have a professional cleaning company come in and clean everything out. You might balk at the extra expense at first, but if you ignore this advice, it might cost you more later. Your employees will be more likely to be exposed to the virus without it and that could shut down your business even longer.

Take No Chances When Sanitizing Your Business

You don’t want to take any chances with the Covid-19 outbreak. Although the disease isn’t very deadly by itself, it can cause many complications and large numbers of cases stress hospitals to their breaking point. There are also many at-risk groups who are more likely to suffer serious side-effects from infection. All of these things can make the deadliness of the virus worse for those who don’t take it seriously.

Not only will sick employees cut into your business’s efficiency, but if your customers think that they might put themselves at risk going to your business, they’ll probably choose to stay home. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your business sanitized.

We Can Help

Full cleanings can be a serious strain on any janitorial staff. They might also need to take sick leave as well. You might find yourself stretched for regular cleanings if you’re taking this seriously. Fortunately, we here at Clean Freak are here to help. If you need an extra hand getting your business sanitized, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Clean Freak Utah cleaning services

Nowadays, it’s popular to own rentals. They’re essentially cheaper and more lucrative than renting out a house. You have more tenants paying you monthly instead of just one family or a couple of people. However, your tenants have to make sure everything is clean on move out. But we all know that not everything is always done correctly. 


This is why you should hire a Professional Cleaning Company to come in and do everything right, so that the next people to move in will feel right at home instantly. Here are three reasons you’ll want to outsource a Professional Cleaning Company if you own rental properties.

cleaning hacks

Time Is Valuable

As an owner and manager of any business property, you’re busy. Your time is valuable. So what you do with the time that you do have is super important? You can definitely use your time more wisely by hiring a cleaning service. While you worry about more important matters, such as handling move out costs, signing contracts, and meeting with new tenants, a cleaning service can do all the cleaning, making your rental property “move-in” ready.  


Professional Agency Vs. Outsourcing Local Contact

Hiring a professional is, well professional and hiring a local friend or family could get messy. The professional will definitely be a better choice, and here’s why. 

Professional Cleaning services already have all the cleaning materials and with outsourcing a friend, they (or you) might have to buy all of the right cleaning things. And even if you did manage to buy the right chemicals to get the job done, you would have to spend the time doing it or supervise someone doing it. Hiring a professional could save you a hassle and costs of cleaning materials.


Under Construction

Liability Insurance 

Liability Insurance. This reason basically explains itself. Any professional cleaning service would offer some kind of insurance to protect (and insure) someone or some property. If by some miracle, something did get ruined or someone did get hurt while cleaning, you and the cleaning service would be covered. 

Here is more information as to why small businesses benefit from liability insurance. 


Cache Valley is full of rental properties. And there is one professional cleaning company right here in Cache Valley that would would make sure your rental properties are looking nice, neat, and clean. Clean Freak UT is one of the best cleaning services in Cache Valley. If you have any questions on how we focus on doing the best cleaning, don’t hesitate to call us or visit our in town location!


after party mess

Celebrate the New Year

New Years PartyWho doesn’t love a wild party, besides your neighbors at 4:30 AM? December is a time for great parties all around. Christmas and New Year’s revelries are a great chance to spend some extra time with family and friends. For businesses, an end of year party can really help your employees enjoy the workplace and their coworkers.

But then comes the after part. The clean-up. Garbage, spills, etc., it all needs to be taken care of before you go back to normal life. You dread it, don’t you? Everyone does. There’s just always so much mess, sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Party In the House

A lot of people dread having parties at their homes. It takes so much time and effort to get the party ready. You have to cook the food, you have to clear space for activities, and if your relatives are traveling a long way to get to it, you might even have to find a place for them to sleep. On top of that, you have to clean your house twice, once before and then after. The before part might not be too much of a problem if you normally keep your house clean, but the after is unavoidable.

Party In the Office

after party messA business party offers so many opportunities to improve employee morale. Give them some good food they wouldn’t otherwise try. Good team-building exercises can build solid working relationships while developing problem solving skills. Getting to know your coworkers in a casual setting helps you get along with them better. Also, it’s just nice to have some fun. All work and no play makes Jack try to murder his family with an axe and then freeze to death in the snow. Or something like that, anyway.

The clean-up afterward is less fun. You have to take down the holiday decor, clean up all the confetti, wash the carpets. There’s a lot of work to do after.

We Can Help With the Mess

Whether its an office party, or in your own home, sometimes the clean-up just needs a few extra hands. If you’re busy, or you travel a lot, or just don’t know where to start, don’t let that stop you from living it up. Here at Clean Freak, we’re always ready to help with the mess. Whether it’s before or after the party, we can help you get your place spic and span! Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.

It’s the holidays. Time to be with friends and family, eat a lot of food, and not think about all the cleaning up you will have to do after all the festivities. We all get stressed this time of year, but there is hope! We know of some cleaning professionals that can help you tackle (and even help avoid) this holiday season. Here are three less thought of cleaning projects you can avoid this holiday season in Cache Valley.

blurred string of lights

Corporate Parties

It’s definitely that time of the year for your business. The holiday. Which also means many holiday parties with lots of decorations, food, and people. Everyone will have a great time and leave with a good time, but after all is said and done, who gets to clean up after the festivities? It’s definitely a cleaning project that is thought of afterwards.

What if a professional company could take care of all the mess and party that is left behind? 


Nasty Floors From De-Icer Being Tracked In

Have you ever noticed how gross and dirty your floors become during the winter months? In Cache Valley there is a Phenomenon called “Black Snow.” It comes from a mixture of salt and de-icer that the City puts on the roads, and then all the pollution that lingers in the valley. All your customers walk and track it through your business making your floors look disgusting. The floors are constantly looking dirty and messy making your business look unkempt.

This cleaning project may need a little more deep cleaning by professionals. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial if a professional cleaning service just came and took care of it for you? 


Cleaning and Organizing Holiday Decor

No matter what holiday your business will celebrate, we bet that you have plenty of decorations stored away somewhere. Your holiday decor could be stored in a closet somewhere collecting dust and sitting in disarray and who wants to deal with all that? It’s really a cleaning project that no one actually thinks of. Why clean the decorations when they will just go back into storage within a month? No one would notice, right?

Wrong. This cleaning project is important because it allows all of your decorations to stay nice and last for many holidays to come. If you want, check out these tips for storing your holiday decorations before storing them for the year to maybe help save you from the following year.


Last Minute  

These cleaning projects may be a last minute cleaning project that you or your staff may not have time for. That’s why cleaning professionals at CleanFreak UT is at your service. We can take care of any of those last minute cleaning details or after party cleaning projects. Give us a call or look at our website to see how we can help with any of your cleaning projects.

Hand being washed

At Clean Freak Utah, we specialize in one thing, cleaning. Whether your business has been under construction, you are moving in or out or even after a death in the family. There are times for a general clean and times for some deep cleaning. Here are three situations that need a deep cleaning focus in Cache Valley.

After Construction Clean Up

a man setting up a house for renovationsDid your home or office space just undergo some major (or minor) changes? Then you could use a deep clean to get access to those hard to reach spots where dust and debris can get to. Cleaning construction debris can include dusting in hard to reach spots, inside windows (and window tracks), wall washings, and underneath and around appliances. Not cleaning those areas can cause unneeded wear, get blown into electronics or other sensitive areas and cause allergies to go crazy. You may have to go over an area multiple times to get it all cleaned up.

Move-In or Move Out Cleans

Do you own a rental property? Did you just buy a new home? Before you move in is the ideal time to perform a deep clean. People who move out usually do their absolute best to clean on your behalf, but they’re under time constraints.  They might not have gotten to every nook and cranny.  Cleaning ceiling fans, vents, and around cupboards and crevices will not only look good, but will improve the air quality and smell of the space you are moving into. 

If you happen to be moving and are under a time crunch, hiring a professional deep cleaning service helps put your mind at ease.   What a relief to focus on packing and getting ready for the big move while professionals can handle all the deep cleaning!  Focus on the big picture, let someone else sweat the small stuff.

Death In The Family

Was there someone close to you who has recently passed? Or are you looking to sell a house that was owned by a lost loved one? The last thing one wants to do is clean out a house and get it ready to sell. In some cases, family doesn’t live close enough to for a quick day trip.  This makes it even more difficult to schedule time off of work while taking care of the estate.  You can create a very detailed plan and set aside a day to clean.  Alternatively, you could hire a reputable professional cleaning service to come in and help. In some cases, we work alongside someone, helping to reduce the stress of the situation.

Let Clean Freak Utah Take Care Of You  

Clean Freak Utah can deep clean just about anything and meet any of your deep cleaning needs. Head on over to our website to check out more specifics about what we can do for you and give us a call to deep clean your situation.





Spring-CleaningIt’s spring-cleaning time again. As the weather starts to warm up and the snow melts, everybody starts working on the cleanup projects that fell by the wayside during the cold months. It’s more than just homes that need spring-cleaning, though. Commercial properties and businesses have been neglected over the winter, too.


Commercial Cleanliness

Cleanliness is an important part of a commercial property or business. It tends to be the first impression customers get. If people walk into an office and the carpet’s spotty, the desks and chairs are dusty, and the light chokes a bit trying to get through the windows, what kind of message is being sent? It tells your customers that you don’t actually care about your business. That’s not a message you want to send.


Health and Happiness

A big part of productivity is good health. If you’re feeling sick and depressed, you don’t work as hard. Nothing makes people feel sick and depressed like an unclean working place. Hopefully, you haven’t neglected the inside of your commercial property over the winter, but now it’s time to get the outside up to par, too.


Carpets and Windows

The two biggest things that fall behind on cleaning over the winter are carpets and windows. During the winter, there’s a lot more pollutants out there. The excess salt on the roads to melt the ice gets on your shoes and starts to build up in the carpets. Here in Cache Valley, where we suffer from a yearly inversion, pollutants in the air can leave deposits on your windows that you won’t have during the summer. Since cleaning carpets and windows get neglected, that means when spring comes around, they need some major TLC.


Yard Maintenance

If you own commercial properties, you probably also own the yard and lawn around it. The snow, both from the clouds and pushed by the plows, is a huge attractor of dirt and grime. When the snow melts, it all goes onto your lawn. These will need to be cleaned up as well if you want your business to look good and stay clean.


Let Us Help

Here at Clean Freak, we’re here to help. For reasonable prices, we’ll help you give your commercial property a good spring-cleaning. And if you’re looking for cleanup in the yard, we recommend the Cache Valley Lawn King. If you want to save some time and energy on cleaning this year, get in touch with us and let us help you out.

janitorial service

Janitorial Service

Renting Office Space

Are you renting out office space? Got an executive office suite you need to fill up? What’s the best way to do that? Well, I can’t tell you anything about marketing, or advertising, but I can tell you an important element to impressing people and keeping them renting once they’re in.
Janitorial services.

Janitors: Unsung Heroes of Your Business

That’s right, keeping your office suites clean is one of the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of renting. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s look.

1. Maintaining a Professional Appearance

Would you want to rent an office that’s got a fine coating of dust on the desks, full garbage cans, and dingy windows? No, of course not. If you can’t keep your office space clean, why should any renter trust you to be able to provide for their needs? Furthermore, keeping the space clean creates an environment of organization. That helps employees keep on task and feel good.  People will want to work there if you keep the place clean.

2. Long-Term Value

In the long run keeping a place clean keeps the building from losing value. Dust can damage office equipment. Dirt and grime can sink into the carpets and the paint. Spilled crumbs attract pests. While letting a mess sit for a day might not do much damage, going for longer periods without a good clean-up job will cause lasting damage. Carpets get moldy, paint chips, pests multiply. Eventually, it reaches a point where a quick scrub is no longer enough. You’ll need to spend a lot of money to get things back to a livable condition, and it won’t be done quickly. The time you need to take fixing up the office will be time it can’t be used and that’s time you’re not making money.

Why Hire An Outside Janitorial Service?

Hiring an outside janitorial service is usually the best way to go. You may not think so, but it’s really true.
For one thing, it saves you time. If you have your own janitorial staff working for you, you’ve got to manage them. You’ve got to set their schedules, hire the workers, and train them for their task.  That time would be better spent making money in your business. If you hire an outside janitorial service, you only have to do the hiring once. The service you hire will have the employees on hand and the training already done.  All you need to do is find the right service.
For another thing, all those things listed above are expensive. You have to pay money to train your workers, spend money to advertise their positions, and it creates a new managerial position that’s more expensive than regular employees. With an outside janitorial service, you just pay the fee and the they take care of the rest.  It saves you a considerable amount of cash.

Give Us A Call

Clean Freak is a reliable cleaning service available to work all around Cache Valley. We work weekly or bi-weekly schedules and can make arrangements for any length of time for work. Whether you just need us to do some quick clean-up over the weekend, or want us for long-term janitorial services, we’ve got you covered. We’ll do dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, emptying trash cans, and more. Whatever you need done, we’re ready to do it.
Get in touch with us today. Our affordable rates and reliable services will help make sure you keep your executive office suites sparkling. Your renters will appreciate working in a well-maintained and clean space.