Spring Has Sprung

pet dander

Look at him! So cute! So fluffy! So much pet dander!

Spring has finally arrived. The snow is melting, the weather is warming, and my “going outside clothing” has decreased from six layers to two. Since spring has finally arrived, that means its time for spring cleaning. If you let your pets come indoors, it’s highly likely you’ve let them in more over the winter.  There’s a good chance that, among other things, you’ll have more pet dander in your house that needs cleaning.

Pet Dander

As a semi-rural area, Cache Valley has a lot of allergens. Pollen will start spreading over the next few weeks. The wetness will make your shoes sticky, bringing in dirt and grime from the outside. And then there’s pet dander. Here in Cache Valley, we love our pets. I’ve owned many dogs myself over my life. They’re great companions.  As much as we do love them, they do make their messes. Even if you’re not allergic to pet dander, it’s still a good idea to do some deep cleaning for it this spring. Here’s why.

1. Allergies

Even if you’re not allergic, others might be. Pet dander is one of the more common allergens. Symptoms of these allergies range from stuffiness and sneezing, to swelling and itching, and can even cause people to be completely unable to breath. Even if you can handle it, you don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable, do you?

2. Other health Concerns

dust mites and parasitesBeyond allergies, pet dander can attract other health risks. There are many types of illness causing parasites – like dust mites – that can feed on pet dander. There are also parasites that may be on your pet that can come off with the dander and spread into your carpet. You don’t want these things wandering freely.

3. You’ve Got To Clean Everything Else Anyway

Being clean is just a good idea in general. Over the winter, you’ve been doing more indoors, which has been building up more dust than during the warmer months. You’re going to want to clean up anyway, so why not give a good, deep clean to get rid of the pet dander? While you’re cleaning that up, you’ll also get rid of dust, dirt, and grime as well. It’s just a good idea in general.

Let Us Help!

Clean Freak, Cache Valley, UtahWhile keeping clean is an important part of your health, sometimes it’s hard to manage a good, deep clean. We all run a vacuum cleaner now and then, and we should all be wiping our countertops, sinks, and tables. A casual cleaning only works for so long. Sooner or later, the dirt missed will start to build up. If you don’t do a regular deep cleaning, it can clump together into hard, tightly packed bits of grime that will be extremely difficult to break up. If you’re having trouble finding time to do a good, deep cleaning this spring, why not let us help you out? Get in touch with us today and let us give your home a good scrubbing. Your home will look great and you’ll be feeling much better afterward!