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New Year, New Schedule

New Years Party

Happy New Year!

Well, another year has passed. While everybody’s celebrating the end of 2020, let’s not forget that 2021 still has its challenges. We still need to keep things clean for our health, as well as our comfort. So, do you have a cleaning plan for the new year? Whether we’re talking about a home or business, you should have one. You need to know what you should do every day, what you should do every week, and what deep cleaning you need to set aside extra time for. Let’s take a look.

1. Every Day Cleaning

There are some things you just have to do every single day, no way around it. If you’re planning for home, this includes things like scrubbing dishes. Even if you have a dish washing machine, you’ve got to scrub dishes first to get off the stuff that really sticks, otherwise the heat of the washing machine just sears them on as stains, or the food particles clog the drain. You should also be wiping down countertops, kitchen sinks, and other places where food is prepared and eaten every day. You don’t do laundry every day, but you can make the process go faster by sorting your laundry daily. Sweeping up the kitchen floor and your entryway before you go to bed is also a way to minimize the mess you have to clean on the weekly chart.

If you’re a business, you probably don’t have to worry about scrubbing dishes and sorting laundry, but you will have to worry about basic cleanliness. While we’re still dealing with the outbreak, you’ll need to be sanitizing all regularly touched surfaces daily to keep from spreading the disease. Other items, like sweeping (or mopping) entryways and tile floors are also a daily thing. It might even be a twice a day thing, depending on the level of mess customers make as they come in.

The best way to make sure these items get done is to do them right after they get dirty. Scrub the dishes and clean the countertops as soon as you finish eating, clean the sink after you finish preparing food. Organize your laundry into separate baskets when you take your clothes off. If you do it when it first happens, it’s a smaller job and it makes all the bigger jobs easier.

2. Weekly Cleaning

These are the big items we think of when we talk about cleaning. These are things like vacuuming the whole house, dusting, cleaning windows, doing full loads of laundry, etc. It’s a good idea to set aside part of a day to get these things done. To make it go by faster, get the whole family in on it. One person can take all day to clean a reasonable sized house, but a whole family working together will get it done in an hour or two.

To help you along, we’ve got a list of things you can do to make it easier.

For businesses, weekly cleaning will include most of the same stuff. Cleaning floors, carpets, and windows goes hand-in-hand with organizing your inventory. You’ll also need to do a full disinfection on a regular basis for Covid related issues. Plan to be spending some time after hours doing these more in-depth cleaning once a week if you want to make sure your customers keep coming back.

3. Deeper Cleaning

There are certain deep cleaning items that need to be done, but not every day or week. Some of them might need to be done only once a month, others once or twice a year. A full, deep carpet cleaning, complete with shampooing should be done twice a year (early spring and late fall are the best times). Sorting and organizing the attic, basement, or inventory storage every month or two is a good way to make sure you know where everything is. It also helps keep you from accumulating stuff, as it gives you an excuse to ask about what you’re really using and get rid of things you aren’t.

The cleaning needs of every home and business differ from one to the next. Take some time in planning your cleaning schedule to consider your needs and set aside extra time for them when you need to.

Bonus Tip: The Overlooked Items

When you’re doing your cleaning, there are a few places a lot of people forget to clean up. Some of these things might make your weekly chores, others might only be occasional things, but make sure you think about them. Take a look at our short list of commonly overlooked cleaning items.

Get Help!

Cleaning takes time, no question. Even if you can get your whole family in on cleaning your home, it can take a couple hours, maybe more. As businesses, you’ve probably got a janitor for cleaning up after hours, but sometimes messes just get too big to handle. If you find yourself needing more help with the cleaning, or just want to free up more time for yourself, you can get help. Here at Clean Freak, we’re always ready to step in and take the load off your shoulders. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

deep clean your home

Get A Deep Clean

How clean is your house? You probably do all the regular cleaning, like vacuuming, scrubbing tables, cleaning the toilet, all that stuff, but just how deep do you go? With winter coming up, a deep clean is a good idea.  This year more than any other that’s especially true. Why? Here are 4 major reasons why you need a deep clean for the winter.

1. Flu Season

Everybody knows about the Covid-19 outbreak. They never stop talking about it on the news. Covid isn’t the only problem we’ve got this year, though. Flu season is coming up. Two respiratory diseases, one completely new to us, happening concurrently is a bad situation. With everyone being cramped up in the house during the cold, snowy months, we’re all at high risk of infection. You’ll want to do a deep clean to give yourself the best health boost you can.

Speaking of spending a lot of time indoors:

2. You’ll Be Spending A Lot of Time Indoors

“It’s cold in winter,” he said, to the absolute surprise of no one. When it gets cold, you don’t want to spend a lot of time outdoors. With everyone more closely cramped together, you want your living space to feel as comfortable as possible. A good, deep clean will clear more than just the surface dust, but get rid of the caked in grime and dirt. It’ll help make the house smell better. Surfaces will feel less gross to touch. Less dust in the air will mean less coughing, so people worry less about getting sick.

All in all, a deep clean does a hundred little things to improve the comfort level of living in your house. Each one on its own doesn’t mean all that much, but taken altogether it makes your home a much nicer place. It reduces stress and makes you feel better. This is good because:

A family sitting down to dinner

Photo by Cottonbro

3. Relatives Might Come To Visit

With the outbreak, family visits are going to be less frequent and probably happen on a smaller scale than previous years. You might be intending to not have family over at all.

But do your relatives know that? I can’t tell you all the times we’ve had relatives show up uninvited and I suspect one or two will show up this year despite the warnings. Whether they’re invited or not, if they show up, you’ll want your house to be nice. The extra comfort a deep clean brings to your house will make dealing with relatives easier. They might even be less judgmental of you!

4. You Might Go On Vacation

Maybe you don’t expect relatives. Perhaps you plan on going on vacation instead. There might be some place out there you’re just dying to go and you’ve got a chance to go there. A lot of people do during the winter. While there might be less travel this year, I expect there will still be some. If you’re planning on going on a vacation during the winter, wouldn’t you want to come back to a nice, clean house? There isn’t a more unpleasant way to end a vacation than to come how to a mess. Instead, give your house a deep clean so that when you come back, you can settle right back into being comfortable in your own home.

We Can Help You Deep Clean Your Home

A deep clean isn’t a quick job. You might be able to spray down your counters and vacuum the carpets in an hour or two, but a deep clean requires more effort. You need a systematic approach to go through each room and clean up all the areas you usually ignore. It can take a day or two in even the smallest homes.

Worry not! We can help you out! Clean Freak has a number of cleaning packages to help you get it all done. From our simple package to get all the simple stuff done, to a more in depth cleaning, we’re ready and willing to help you out. Getting started is often the hardest part, so having some help will make it easier. Get in touch with us today and let us help you get a good, deep clean for your house this winter!

A house cleaned up for winter

Cleaning Before Winter

A house cleaned up for winterYou’ve heard of spring cleaning? well now’s the time for fall cleaning. Winter is coming and there are some things that you’ll want to have done before it arrives. Whether because they’re oddball things you don’t think about, or you just forget to do it, there are some cleaning items that routinely get overlooked. It’s a good idea to get them done before it snows, as it’s really cold to air out your house in the winter. Here’s a list of the most common cleaning items you might have overlooked.

1. Laundry Room

Your laundry room has certain areas you’ve probably ignored when it comes to cleaning. Since you’re going to be spending more time indoors, now’s the time to get rid of the dust and grime that’s built up. Clean around and behind the washer and drier. You’ll have to move it, but that’s okay: you’ve only got to do this once a year. While you’re at it, give a good, deep clean to all the shelves in your laundry room, especially the high ones you don’t normally think about. While you’re doing this, it might be a good idea to check your drier vent. If you’ve haven’t been overloading your drier and been diligent in emptying the lint filter, there probably won’t be a problem. Still, better safe than sorry. If there’s been lint or dust build-up in the drier, that’s a potential fire hazard.

a clean stovetop and oven with a teapot on it

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

2. Stove And Oven

Only the most absurdly dedicated barbecuers will light up that outdoor grill once the snowing starts. That means you’re going to be dong a lot more cooking indoors. Good reason to clean that oven and stovetop. After all, you don’t want your food to have the lingering taste and smell of previous meals and smoke. Anything you’ve cooked over the summer probably left residues that will taint the flavor of your meal. If you missed a spill, it might even be a potential fire hazard. Same goes for anything on the stovetop. So, if you want your house and your meals to smell fresh and tasty, now’s the time to clean the stove and oven.

3. Ceiling Fans

These might have seen a lot of use during the summer. Nevertheless, it’d be a good idea to clean them off. Ceiling fans can still help warm your house if you use them right. If you reverse the settings, you can turn it on while the heat is going to force the rising warm air back down, keeping your rooms nice and toasty. If there’s any dust build-up on your fans, though, that’s going to spread dust around. Make sure you wipe them down before it gets cold. And come spring, it’d be a good idea to wipe them down again.

4. Light Fixtures

Light is important for people. Our body uses light to regulate our sleep cycle, as well as to help aid in the production or absorption of certain key vitamins. One thing that light helps is the production of serotonin, a hormone that helps regulate our mood. This is why change in light during winter often leads to low energy, or even depression. You’ll want to get the best light you can. For that, cleaning your light-fixtures is a must. Since dust build-up is slow, it’s easy to miss our lights getting dirtier with time. Since you need as much light you can get, you’ll want to clean those fixtures up. That way, you’ll get a nice, clean shine all winter long.

a woman cleaning her windows

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

5. Window Sills and Frames

You know what else helps you get light? Windows. Windows let the sunlight into your house. This can help warm it up as well as give you all the benefits of sunlight. Since you’re going to be spending more time indoors, you’ll want to make sure as much light can get in as possible. For that, you want to clean your windows.

While you’re at it, the window sills could probably use a good cleaning, too. Dust builds up there as well as on the glass. Wipe them down so you don’t find yourself sneezing whenever you go to the windows to soak in some of those rays.

Get Some Help With Cleaning

Cleaning can be a big job. When it comes time to do some deep cleaning of your home in preparation for winter, a little help is often appreciated. If you want some help, why not ask us? We offer a variety of cleaning services to help you get your house feeling fresh. If you need a little help, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

kid with a backpack going back to school

Deep Cleaning Time

We’re coming up on the end of summer. It’s hard to imagine with temperatures still being in the mid to high 90s, but in another month, we’re going to start seeing those temperature’s drop as summer moves into fall. With fall comes deep cleaning to get your house ready for the long, cramped winter. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll need deep cleaning this fall.

1. Bugs

box elder bugs massing around a window


There are plenty of reasons why bugs get into your home. Your kids drop crumbs that attract them. Cooler temperatures are more comfortable for them. They get inside through an open window and can’t find their way out. Box elder bugs get personal satisfaction out of covering every square inch of your home just to infuriate you. Whatever the reason, they eventually die and their bodies will be spread out around your home. You’re going to want to do some deep cleaning to get rid of them. Especially the box elder bugs.

2. Dust

Dust builds up over time. It just happens. Sure, you vacuum your house every week and pull out the old feather duster, but there are some places where dust builds up that you don’t do regularly. Places like under the fridge, on high shelves, backs of closets. While you’re spending more time outside in the spring and summer, this dust might not be as bothersome. As fall brings the cold and winter freezes up everything, that excess dust will become an irritating problem. You’ll need to do a deep cleaning to get rid of it. Then you’ll want to air out your house to get fresh air in. Best take care of it while the weather’s still good.

dog with a box on his head3. Pets

Do you have pets? If you do, then you know that pets shed. Some pets shed a lot. If you have pets, you’ll need to do deep cleaning just to get rid of all the fur and pet dander. You’ll definitely want to do this before winter comes, as you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors with your pets. You don’t want to have to deal with that mess once it gets cold.

4. Carpets

Carpets might as well be magnets for dirt and dust. Worse, because you’re constantly walking on them, you’re always packing it down. That makes hard, tightly packed spots that damage carpet fibers and shorten their lifespan. This becomes even worse in the winter, when you bring in melted snow from your shoes and salt from the roads. Carpets should be deep cleaned at least twice per year if you want them to last. Clean Freak doesn’t do deep cleaning of carpets, though; we recommend the experts at Alpine Cleaning and Restoration. They’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for over 20 years and know all the best tricks.

5. Back To School

kid with a backpack going back to schoolOne way or the other, your kids are going to be going back to school this fall. Here in Cache Valley and other parts of Utah, school actually starts at the end of August, just a couple of weeks away. Your kids are going to be bringing home whatever sicknesses are going around, so you’ll want to make sure you have a clean environment for them to come back to. Deep cleaning before they go back to school can help make it easier to keep your house clean for your kids and family.

Let Us Help You With Your Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a lot of work and sometimes you just don’t know where to start. It’s tempting to put it off in favor of doing something easier, but don’t do that. You’ve only got a few weeks before it all starts. Once the kids go back to school, you’ll find it hard to get ahead, as they’ll be bringing in new stuff every day. After winter, it gets even worse, since you’ll have the cold to contend with. Now’s the time to get it done. If you’re having trouble, or need a little extra help, we’ve got you covered. Our Deep Cleaning Package runs for a reasonable price of just $30 per hour. We offer a wide range of cleaning services in this package to help you get the mess under control. Don’t wait until it becomes a hassle you can’t live with. Call today and we’ll get it under control so you can manage it more easily over the fall and winter months.

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation Plans

Summer VacationThe outbreak doesn’t seem to have derailed summer vacation plans much. In fact, just the opposite. According to the Miami Herald, and the Denver Post, camping reservations are at an all time high. Even Bear Lake says it’s ready for visitors this summer.

It might have something to do with health officials reporting that going outside is safer than staying indoors for many different reasons. That means summer vacation is still an option, as long as it’s to a place where you can spend time outdoors. If you’re the owner of these campgrounds, though, you shouldn’t overlook your responsibilities for people’s health and safety.

How Clean Are Your Facilities?

Keeping your facilities clean is an absolute necessity this year. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, sanitizing your workplace is a good way to help slow or stop the spread of the virus. While campgrounds have a lot of room to spread out, stores, camp offices, and other public buildings still get used regularly by everyone. Don’t let up on your cleanliness.

Can Clean Freak Help?

janitorial service

Yes, we can. Full cleanings, something you’ll need to do on a weekly basis to keep your facilities healthy, can be a strain on your janitorial staff. It can be even worse if one of them gets sick. You can’t risk one of your employees coming into work if they might have the coronavirus. If they infect your customers, you can expect some pretty bad reviews at the very least, to say nothing of legal liabilities you may be subject to. Clean Freak can help by supplementing your staff with extra help to fill gaps, or ease the burden.

During this summer season, there are three big groups that might need help from us around Northern Utah.

1. Cabins and Vacation Rentals

Cabin rentals are some of the biggest winners this summer. People are less trusting of hotels, but individual cabins and other vacation rentals give some extra isolation from other people. Jury’s still out on whether or not this is actually safer, but one thing’s certain: you gotta keep those places clean. They might or might be safer than hotels, but they’re certainly not safer than anything if you don’t need them clean. With demand high, people are running short on time and manpower to get vacation rentals clean between guests. Clean Freak is more than happy to help out if you need it.

2. Stores and Other Commercial Buildings

It’s not just the places people stay that need to be cleaned, but the places people might visit as well. Stores near campgrounds will be especially busy, as even the most fastidious preparer will realize they forgot something once they get out there. No matter how carefully you plan and pack, there’s always something. Thankfully, even the most remote campgrounds are within reasonable driving distance of stores. Those stores will get some business pick-up from the summer vacation crowds, so they’ll need cleaning, too. We’re ready and able to provide any assistance they need.

3. Moving

There’s been a rise in the number of people moving to new houses this year. Changing jobs seems to be the biggest reason, but there’s also been several minor exoduses from outbreak hotspots. Whatever the reason, people are moving. Apartments, houses, and the like will all be changing this year. Before people can move into a new house, it will need to be cleaned. As a seller or landlord, you might not need as much help as some of the big businesses, but a few extra hands never hurt anyone. The better the job and the faster it’s done, the happier (and healthier) new residents will be when they move in. We’re on call to give you assistance if you need it.

Clean Freak Utah cleaning servicesGive Us A Call

We have plenty of options to contact us if you need the extra help cleaning up. You can call us up, email us, or you can use our handy contact form. Just leave a message with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we get it. We can explain our services to you, quote price estimates for the job, or just help you work out the best plan to keep your place clean. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

fall cleaning

Cache Valley and Bear Lake

Bear Lake VacationSummer is here. This is the time of year when people would normally be flocking to Northern Utah’s most famous vacation destinations: Bear Lake.  Cache Valley has it’s own spots, too; First Dam and Green Canyon. Rental and vacation homes are fairly common in this area, as well as cabins all up and down Green Canyon.

The outbreak may have slowed this all down some. It’s hard to guess what the actual effects will be. We seemed to be doing fine until a recent surge in May. At the moment, things are still open, but with threats by the state government of a shut down order if things don’t turn around, it’s hard to say. Even without a shut down order, it’s already pretty clear that this summer will see decreased tourist revenue all over the country. This doesn’t mean people aren’t going on vacation, though.

Vacation Homes and Rentals

While rentals and travel are down, they aren’t out. There is still a significant portion of the population out and about this summer, especially since the situation seems to be improving in many places. That means people need places to stay. If you’re a rental and vacation property owner, you want to make the most of that, right? To do that, you want to make your rental property as attractive as possible to visiting tourists. In this time of viral fears, that means you want to make sure everything is properly cleaned.

Moving Around

It’s not just vacationers who are moving around, either. We’re also seeing a steady migration of people to new homes and new places. Whether it’s people looking to move away with new jobs, or just young people moving into a new home for the first time, there is still a market for real estate. As with rental and vacation homes, people want to know their new house is cleaned before they move it. “Deep Cleaning” is trending on Facebook as people look for those who can help them get their new place ready to live in.

Deep CleaningDeep cleaning

It’s probably a good idea. It’s easy to take out the trash, clean the windows, scrub the bathrooms, and vacuum the carpets. Under normal circumstances, that’d be enough, but that’s not the case this year. This year, we need to contend with the virus, which means deep cleaning. Deep cleaning involves sanitizing hard surfaces with antibacterial cleaners, thorough scrubbing, and making sure you get those hard to reach places.

Deep cleaning is a much bigger job than you’d usually have to do.  You need to do it before each new guest moves in, too.  You can do a pretty good job of killing off the virus, but as soon as someone who has it comes into the area, all that work is undone, so you can’t just do one big cleaning job and think you’re covered.

Deep Cleaning for New Homes

Before you move into a new home, you’ll want the same deep cleaning done, too. Better safe than sorry, right? Did you know that you can add the cleaning process to the negotiations of the sales agreement? Given that proper deep cleaning can take a lot of extra time and costs more than you’d normally expect to pay for cleaning costs, it’s definitely worth considering factoring it into the closing costs. Even just getting half the costs covered by the seller could be a huge saving.

Looking for A Cleaner?

Clean Freak Utah cleaning servicesIf you’re looking for someone to do some deep cleaning in Cache Valley, Clean Freak has you covered.  Our deep cleaning package is just $30 per hour per cleaner and covers everything from the basics (like taking out the trash) to full spot washing. We provide our own cleaning chemicals for the big stuff. We supply our cleaners with masks to help reduce the spread of the virus. You could do it all yourself, but why put yourself up to all that extra time? We’ll do it faster so you can move in sooner. If you’re looking to clean out a vacation or rental home between guests, we can do that, too!

Got any questions? Heard enough?  Want to get the job done? Feel free to get in touch and find out what we can do for you! We’re standing by and ready to go whenever you need us!


spring cleaning for pet dander

Spring Has Sprung

pet dander

Look at him! So cute! So fluffy! So much pet dander!

Spring has finally arrived. The snow is melting, the weather is warming, and my “going outside clothing” has decreased from six layers to two. Since spring has finally arrived, that means its time for spring cleaning. If you let your pets come indoors, it’s highly likely you’ve let them in more over the winter.  There’s a good chance that, among other things, you’ll have more pet dander in your house that needs cleaning.

Pet Dander

As a semi-rural area, Cache Valley has a lot of allergens. Pollen will start spreading over the next few weeks. The wetness will make your shoes sticky, bringing in dirt and grime from the outside. And then there’s pet dander. Here in Cache Valley, we love our pets. I’ve owned many dogs myself over my life. They’re great companions.  As much as we do love them, they do make their messes. Even if you’re not allergic to pet dander, it’s still a good idea to do some deep cleaning for it this spring. Here’s why.

1. Allergies

Even if you’re not allergic, others might be. Pet dander is one of the more common allergens. Symptoms of these allergies range from stuffiness and sneezing, to swelling and itching, and can even cause people to be completely unable to breath. Even if you can handle it, you don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable, do you?

2. Other health Concerns

dust mites and parasitesBeyond allergies, pet dander can attract other health risks. There are many types of illness causing parasites – like dust mites – that can feed on pet dander. There are also parasites that may be on your pet that can come off with the dander and spread into your carpet. You don’t want these things wandering freely.

3. You’ve Got To Clean Everything Else Anyway

Being clean is just a good idea in general. Over the winter, you’ve been doing more indoors, which has been building up more dust than during the warmer months. You’re going to want to clean up anyway, so why not give a good, deep clean to get rid of the pet dander? While you’re cleaning that up, you’ll also get rid of dust, dirt, and grime as well. It’s just a good idea in general.

Let Us Help!

Clean Freak, Cache Valley, UtahWhile keeping clean is an important part of your health, sometimes it’s hard to manage a good, deep clean. We all run a vacuum cleaner now and then, and we should all be wiping our countertops, sinks, and tables. A casual cleaning only works for so long. Sooner or later, the dirt missed will start to build up. If you don’t do a regular deep cleaning, it can clump together into hard, tightly packed bits of grime that will be extremely difficult to break up. If you’re having trouble finding time to do a good, deep cleaning this spring, why not let us help you out? Get in touch with us today and let us give your home a good scrubbing. Your home will look great and you’ll be feeling much better afterward!

Spring Cleaning

5 Simple Tips to Faster Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Don’t let spring cleaning overwhelm you!

Spring Cleaning is an age-old must-do. All winter long, you’ve been spending more time indoors to get away from the cold. When you do go outside, the snow dampens your shoes, making more dirt, grime, and ice-melting chemicals stick to them, which you then bring inside. Maybe you’ll take longer, hotter showers, steaming up your bathroom more than usual. Have a pet dog? All that fur will bring in even more dirt and grime than your shoes, not to mention all the pet dander. All this combines to make a big mess in your house by spring-time. Naturally, the first thing you want to do as soon as it warms up is get it out.  As we move into February, it’s time to start planning for it.

That’s a huge job, though.  Just thinking about all that work is enough to make your arms ache. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get it done faster and with less trouble? Well, here are some tips to do just that!

1. Have A Checklist

Not knowing what to do slows you down a lot. This is why having a cleaning checklist is the first step to getting the job done quicker. If you have a checklist to refer back to, you know what you’ve cleaned and what you haven’t, so you don’t have to spend any time trying to remember what you’ve done. It will also help make sure you don’t miss anything. Another great advantage of a checklist is that it gives you a place to start. Deciding what to start with is often the hardest part of any big job. With a written checklist, you’ll be more inclined to starting with the first item on it, removing that pesky indecision from the equation.

2. The Tube Sock is Your Friend

Instead of throwing out old socks with holes in them, use them as cleaning rags. When it comes to cleaning blinds, a tube sock is an amazing tool. Dip it in a mixture of hot water and vinegar and rub it across one side of the blind, flip it over, and wipe down the other side. Repeat for each individual blind. Wipe it dry after and let them hang in the sun where the remaining dampness can evaporate quickly. This is far more effective than a duster and won’t get any dust in the air.

3. Give Your Dishwasher a Drink of Lemon Kool-Aid.

No, I’m not joking. The citrus in lemon Kool-Aid is surprisingly effective eating the lime deposits and stains in your washing machine. But only lemon flavor seems to work. Just pour a packet of it into the detergent coup and run a cycle without any dishes or silverware. You’ll be surprised!

4. Bathroom

Your bathroom is definitely a place you’ll want to clean out. The bathroom is one of the places most likely to develop mold infestations. Mold can be hard to get rid of, but a good cleaning can help prevent it from taking root. For that, here’s a couple of tricks.
Tiles: Mold can’t grow on tiles because it needs organic material to feed on. The dirt and grime that builds up on grout is its favorite food in this case. To get rid of it, mix ¾ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of bleach to make a thick paste. Use a brush to apply that past to the grout and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then scrub it even deeper and let it sit for another 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. Once it dries, you’ll be amazed at how clean they are.

Shower heads: If you want to clean and unclog your shower head, fill up a plastic bag with white vinegar. Wrap it around the shower head and tie it off with a twisty-tie. Leave it sitting for 2 hours and it will clean away the dirt and lime build-up, letting your shower run as clean and good as new.
The advantage of these tricks is that it only takes a little bit of prep-work to prepare the cleaning materials. Once applied, you can leave the bathroom to work on other quick cleaning jobs, letting you kill two birds with one stone.

5. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves get a lot of food splatter on them. That can be a pain to clean through the usual methods. Fortunately, the very way that microwaves cook food can allow you to quickly steam clean them. Fill a microwave safe bowl with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar, put it in the microwave, then run it on high. The liquid will evaporate, condense on the inside surfaces and attach to the grime. When the microwave finishes, simply wipe it down with a paper towel and watch the grime come right off.

More Tips

These are just a few of the deep cleaning tips you can make use of to speed up your spring cleaning, but they’re far from all. If you want to see some other deep cleaning tips to get a good clean going, try looking at some of these.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

Clean Freak Utah cleaning servicesThe biggest tip is not to overwhelm yourself. Springing cleaning is a big job and it’ll take time, but if you let that get to you, it can be overwhelming. Don’t look at everything at once, but instead focus on individual tasks (your checklist will help). You don’t have to do it all in one day, either; you can take your time. Allow yourself to have a break now and then.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a bit of help, too. Whether some physical limitation is slowing you down, you just don’t have enough time between work and whatever else goes on in your life, or you just have trouble getting started, we’re there for you. We’re the expert cleaners in Cache Valley, whether it’s for businesses or residential homes. Get in touch and let us know how we can help. We’ll get the deep cleaning done so you can have more time to focus on things that matter to you!

after party mess

Celebrate the New Year

New Years PartyWho doesn’t love a wild party, besides your neighbors at 4:30 AM? December is a time for great parties all around. Christmas and New Year’s revelries are a great chance to spend some extra time with family and friends. For businesses, an end of year party can really help your employees enjoy the workplace and their coworkers.

But then comes the after part. The clean-up. Garbage, spills, etc., it all needs to be taken care of before you go back to normal life. You dread it, don’t you? Everyone does. There’s just always so much mess, sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Party In the House

A lot of people dread having parties at their homes. It takes so much time and effort to get the party ready. You have to cook the food, you have to clear space for activities, and if your relatives are traveling a long way to get to it, you might even have to find a place for them to sleep. On top of that, you have to clean your house twice, once before and then after. The before part might not be too much of a problem if you normally keep your house clean, but the after is unavoidable.

Party In the Office

after party messA business party offers so many opportunities to improve employee morale. Give them some good food they wouldn’t otherwise try. Good team-building exercises can build solid working relationships while developing problem solving skills. Getting to know your coworkers in a casual setting helps you get along with them better. Also, it’s just nice to have some fun. All work and no play makes Jack try to murder his family with an axe and then freeze to death in the snow. Or something like that, anyway.

The clean-up afterward is less fun. You have to take down the holiday decor, clean up all the confetti, wash the carpets. There’s a lot of work to do after.

We Can Help With the Mess

Whether its an office party, or in your own home, sometimes the clean-up just needs a few extra hands. If you’re busy, or you travel a lot, or just don’t know where to start, don’t let that stop you from living it up. Here at Clean Freak, we’re always ready to help with the mess. Whether it’s before or after the party, we can help you get your place spic and span! Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help.

fall cleaning


fallFall is a very pretty time of year.  The leaves start to change colors, the weather finally cools off and people start decorating for the holiday seasons.  It’s also a good time to do a thorough cleaning of your house.  After all, once winter comes, you’re going to start spending more time in the house.  Who wants to spend months choking back the accumulated dust of several months?  Nobody, that’s who.

So, here’s a fall cleaning checklist to help you make sure you get everything.


1. Cleaning the Windows

Using glass cleaner, spray down your windows and wipe them off with a microfiber cloth.  If you pick a cloudy day, you can see the streaks better and get a more complete clean.


2. Clean the Blinds and Curtains

Use a low setting on your vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment.  Vinyl shades can be wiped clean with a dampened microfiber cloth if they need more.  Check the labels on your curtains and window covers for washing instructions.  Some can be machine washed, but some will need to be sent to a professional cleaner.


3. Clean the Walls

First, figure out what kind of paint is on your walls; certain paints are less durable and may come off if you scrub too hard.  Dust your walls first.  When you’ve dusted, lay down towels to catch excess moisture.  Wipe down your walls with damp cloth, using only soft water first, starting at the top of the wall and working down.  If that isn’t enough, you can try warm water mixed with dishwashing soap.  If you still need something stronger, ¼ cup of ammonia and ¼ cup of baking soda mixed in a gallon of warm water and a good sponge should do the trick.  Be sure to dry off your wall with a towel when you’re done to prevent streaking and water damage.


4. Cleaning the Ceiling

Start with a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and vacuum.  Then get a feather duster and clear away what remains – you may need to clean the duster before you finish if the ceiling is particularly dirty.  If any dirt remains, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the rest.  Do the same to any ceiling fixtures.


5. Vacuum and Spot Clean Upholstered Furniture

carpet cleaningUsing an upholstery attachment, vacuum your upholstery from left to right in short, overlapping strokes.  When it comes to spot cleaning, you’ll need to check your furniture for cleaning instructions.  Different kinds require different cleaners and have different instructions.


6. Kitchen Cupboards and Pantry

Empty your cupboards and pantry so you can see all of the shelves.  Wipe them down with a damp cloth, then follow up with a soft cleaner.  If you use shelf liners, replace them now.  While you have everything out, now is a good time to check everything for expiration dates and throw out anything that’s past its time.


7. Carpets

Carpets need a good deep cleaning twice a year.  Spring and fall are the usual times to do this. First, vacuum thoroughly.  Then spray down the entire carpet with a bottled foam carpet cleaner.  Scrub the carpet in a circular motion, moving from one side of the carpet to the next.  Let it sit for a few hours to let the cleaner break down the thick grime deposits that build up.  Finish by a second thorough vacuuming to clean up everything the cleaner broke down so it doesn’t thicken up again.

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to have a professional carpet cleaner come in and do the work.  They will often have specialized tools and cleaners that can do a much better job than you can on your own.


8. Wood Flooring

fall cleaningUsing warm water and soap, mop your wood floors.  If you have scratches, you can hire a professional sand, recoat and refinish them to get them good as new.


9. Clean Your Computer Area

Computers get a lot of use in the modern day, so if they’re dusty, using them will subject you to a lot of allergens and cause health issues.  Clean and wipe down your keyboard.  Use a light duster to clean the dust off your monitor.  Using a microfiber cloth (very important to avoid scratching), spray a little bit of soft cleaner and wipe it down to get any fingerprints, or other remaining residue.  Check your computer’s instructions to see what cleaners are safe for this.  Scratches can be fixed with a scratch repair kit.

The inside of your computer also needs cleaning to keep it in good condition, but unless you’re experienced, it’s best to send it to a professional to do this so you don’t’ accidentally damage it.


10. Straighten out your closest

Empty out your closet.  Dust and clean it like you would the walls of your other rooms.  If you have any clothes you haven’t worn for a while, it might be a good idea to clean them just to get off any dust they gathered before you put them back.  While you have everything out, it’s a good time to go through it and see if there’s anything that’s worn out, or anything you don’t ever wear that you can get rid of to help declutter your home.


11. Replace Your Furnace Filter

The furnace filter needs to be changed about every three months.  Since you’ll probably be using your furnace a lot over the winter, now’s the best time to do it.


12. Test Smoke Alarms

Modern smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are very well-designed and can usually last for years – up to 15 sometimes – but you should still regularly test them just to be safe.


13. Chimneys

If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, they need regular cleaning to get rid of the soot and ash that builds up over time.  This isn’t something we do, as there are very particular safety steps to follow.  For health reasons, you’ll need to hire a professional.


14. Declutter

People gather a lot of stuff.  It’s just what we do.  A lot of it is stuff we don’t need and only a lack of thought has kept us from throwing it out.  Since you’re giving your home a thorough clean, it’s a good opportunity to make decisions on what you have that you can do without.  It makes more space for you to live in, which is always more enjoyable.  And a yard sale is always a good way to make some quick extra cash for Christmas shopping!


Let Us Help

Clean Freak Utah cleaning servicesClean Freak are experts at this sort of thing.  Not just homes, we also clean offices and commercial buildings.  For reasonable prices, we can do a lot of the cleaning for you, freeing up your time to do more of what you enjoy doing.  If you want to get a professional cleaning before winter comes so you can feel comfy and healthy through the cold months, get in touch with us today!