5 Simple Tips to Faster Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Don’t let spring cleaning overwhelm you!

Spring Cleaning is an age-old must-do. All winter long, you’ve been spending more time indoors to get away from the cold. When you do go outside, the snow dampens your shoes, making more dirt, grime, and ice-melting chemicals stick to them, which you then bring inside. Maybe you’ll take longer, hotter showers, steaming up your bathroom more than usual. Have a pet dog? All that fur will bring in even more dirt and grime than your shoes, not to mention all the pet dander. All this combines to make a big mess in your house by spring-time. Naturally, the first thing you want to do as soon as it warms up is get it out.  As we move into February, it’s time to start planning for it.

That’s a huge job, though.  Just thinking about all that work is enough to make your arms ache. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get it done faster and with less trouble? Well, here are some tips to do just that!

1. Have A Checklist

Not knowing what to do slows you down a lot. This is why having a cleaning checklist is the first step to getting the job done quicker. If you have a checklist to refer back to, you know what you’ve cleaned and what you haven’t, so you don’t have to spend any time trying to remember what you’ve done. It will also help make sure you don’t miss anything. Another great advantage of a checklist is that it gives you a place to start. Deciding what to start with is often the hardest part of any big job. With a written checklist, you’ll be more inclined to starting with the first item on it, removing that pesky indecision from the equation.

2. The Tube Sock is Your Friend

Instead of throwing out old socks with holes in them, use them as cleaning rags. When it comes to cleaning blinds, a tube sock is an amazing tool. Dip it in a mixture of hot water and vinegar and rub it across one side of the blind, flip it over, and wipe down the other side. Repeat for each individual blind. Wipe it dry after and let them hang in the sun where the remaining dampness can evaporate quickly. This is far more effective than a duster and won’t get any dust in the air.

3. Give Your Dishwasher a Drink of Lemon Kool-Aid.

No, I’m not joking. The citrus in lemon Kool-Aid is surprisingly effective eating the lime deposits and stains in your washing machine. But only lemon flavor seems to work. Just pour a packet of it into the detergent coup and run a cycle without any dishes or silverware. You’ll be surprised!

4. Bathroom

Your bathroom is definitely a place you’ll want to clean out. The bathroom is one of the places most likely to develop mold infestations. Mold can be hard to get rid of, but a good cleaning can help prevent it from taking root. For that, here’s a couple of tricks.
Tiles: Mold can’t grow on tiles because it needs organic material to feed on. The dirt and grime that builds up on grout is its favorite food in this case. To get rid of it, mix ¾ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of bleach to make a thick paste. Use a brush to apply that past to the grout and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then scrub it even deeper and let it sit for another 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. Once it dries, you’ll be amazed at how clean they are.

Shower heads: If you want to clean and unclog your shower head, fill up a plastic bag with white vinegar. Wrap it around the shower head and tie it off with a twisty-tie. Leave it sitting for 2 hours and it will clean away the dirt and lime build-up, letting your shower run as clean and good as new.
The advantage of these tricks is that it only takes a little bit of prep-work to prepare the cleaning materials. Once applied, you can leave the bathroom to work on other quick cleaning jobs, letting you kill two birds with one stone.

5. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves get a lot of food splatter on them. That can be a pain to clean through the usual methods. Fortunately, the very way that microwaves cook food can allow you to quickly steam clean them. Fill a microwave safe bowl with a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar, put it in the microwave, then run it on high. The liquid will evaporate, condense on the inside surfaces and attach to the grime. When the microwave finishes, simply wipe it down with a paper towel and watch the grime come right off.

More Tips

These are just a few of the deep cleaning tips you can make use of to speed up your spring cleaning, but they’re far from all. If you want to see some other deep cleaning tips to get a good clean going, try looking at some of these.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

Clean Freak Utah cleaning servicesThe biggest tip is not to overwhelm yourself. Springing cleaning is a big job and it’ll take time, but if you let that get to you, it can be overwhelming. Don’t look at everything at once, but instead focus on individual tasks (your checklist will help). You don’t have to do it all in one day, either; you can take your time. Allow yourself to have a break now and then.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a bit of help, too. Whether some physical limitation is slowing you down, you just don’t have enough time between work and whatever else goes on in your life, or you just have trouble getting started, we’re there for you. We’re the expert cleaners in Cache Valley, whether it’s for businesses or residential homes. Get in touch and let us know how we can help. We’ll get the deep cleaning done so you can have more time to focus on things that matter to you!