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Get A Deep Clean

How clean is your house? You probably do all the regular cleaning, like vacuuming, scrubbing tables, cleaning the toilet, all that stuff, but just how deep do you go? With winter coming up, a deep clean is a good idea.  This year more than any other that’s especially true. Why? Here are 4 major reasons why you need a deep clean for the winter.

1. Flu Season

Everybody knows about the Covid-19 outbreak. They never stop talking about it on the news. Covid isn’t the only problem we’ve got this year, though. Flu season is coming up. Two respiratory diseases, one completely new to us, happening concurrently is a bad situation. With everyone being cramped up in the house during the cold, snowy months, we’re all at high risk of infection. You’ll want to do a deep clean to give yourself the best health boost you can.

Speaking of spending a lot of time indoors:

2. You’ll Be Spending A Lot of Time Indoors

“It’s cold in winter,” he said, to the absolute surprise of no one. When it gets cold, you don’t want to spend a lot of time outdoors. With everyone more closely cramped together, you want your living space to feel as comfortable as possible. A good, deep clean will clear more than just the surface dust, but get rid of the caked in grime and dirt. It’ll help make the house smell better. Surfaces will feel less gross to touch. Less dust in the air will mean less coughing, so people worry less about getting sick.

All in all, a deep clean does a hundred little things to improve the comfort level of living in your house. Each one on its own doesn’t mean all that much, but taken altogether it makes your home a much nicer place. It reduces stress and makes you feel better. This is good because:

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3. Relatives Might Come To Visit

With the outbreak, family visits are going to be less frequent and probably happen on a smaller scale than previous years. You might be intending to not have family over at all.

But do your relatives know that? I can’t tell you all the times we’ve had relatives show up uninvited and I suspect one or two will show up this year despite the warnings. Whether they’re invited or not, if they show up, you’ll want your house to be nice. The extra comfort a deep clean brings to your house will make dealing with relatives easier. They might even be less judgmental of you!

4. You Might Go On Vacation

Maybe you don’t expect relatives. Perhaps you plan on going on vacation instead. There might be some place out there you’re just dying to go and you’ve got a chance to go there. A lot of people do during the winter. While there might be less travel this year, I expect there will still be some. If you’re planning on going on a vacation during the winter, wouldn’t you want to come back to a nice, clean house? There isn’t a more unpleasant way to end a vacation than to come how to a mess. Instead, give your house a deep clean so that when you come back, you can settle right back into being comfortable in your own home.

We Can Help You Deep Clean Your Home

A deep clean isn’t a quick job. You might be able to spray down your counters and vacuum the carpets in an hour or two, but a deep clean requires more effort. You need a systematic approach to go through each room and clean up all the areas you usually ignore. It can take a day or two in even the smallest homes.

Worry not! We can help you out! Clean Freak has a number of cleaning packages to help you get it all done. From our simple package to get all the simple stuff done, to a more in depth cleaning, we’re ready and willing to help you out. Getting started is often the hardest part, so having some help will make it easier. Get in touch with us today and let us help you get a good, deep clean for your house this winter!

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At Clean Freak Utah, we specialize in one thing, cleaning. Whether your business has been under construction, you are moving in or out or even after a death in the family. There are times for a general clean and times for some deep cleaning. Here are three situations that need a deep cleaning focus in Cache Valley.

After Construction Clean Up

a man setting up a house for renovationsDid your home or office space just undergo some major (or minor) changes? Then you could use a deep clean to get access to those hard to reach spots where dust and debris can get to. Cleaning construction debris can include dusting in hard to reach spots, inside windows (and window tracks), wall washings, and underneath and around appliances. Not cleaning those areas can cause unneeded wear, get blown into electronics or other sensitive areas and cause allergies to go crazy. You may have to go over an area multiple times to get it all cleaned up.

Move-In or Move Out Cleans

Do you own a rental property? Did you just buy a new home? Before you move in is the ideal time to perform a deep clean. People who move out usually do their absolute best to clean on your behalf, but they’re under time constraints.  They might not have gotten to every nook and cranny.  Cleaning ceiling fans, vents, and around cupboards and crevices will not only look good, but will improve the air quality and smell of the space you are moving into. 

If you happen to be moving and are under a time crunch, hiring a professional deep cleaning service helps put your mind at ease.   What a relief to focus on packing and getting ready for the big move while professionals can handle all the deep cleaning!  Focus on the big picture, let someone else sweat the small stuff.

Death In The Family

Was there someone close to you who has recently passed? Or are you looking to sell a house that was owned by a lost loved one? The last thing one wants to do is clean out a house and get it ready to sell. In some cases, family doesn’t live close enough to for a quick day trip.  This makes it even more difficult to schedule time off of work while taking care of the estate.  You can create a very detailed plan and set aside a day to clean.  Alternatively, you could hire a reputable professional cleaning service to come in and help. In some cases, we work alongside someone, helping to reduce the stress of the situation.

Let Clean Freak Utah Take Care Of You  

Clean Freak Utah can deep clean just about anything and meet any of your deep cleaning needs. Head on over to our website to check out more specifics about what we can do for you and give us a call to deep clean your situation.



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Very few of us wake up on a Saturday morning and think, “Ahh man! Am I excited to reorganize the garage today! I could be shopping, or I could be camping but instead, I get to sit in a dusty hot garage avoiding spiders and wonder how on earth we accumulated so much junk.”

Whether it’s your garage, bathroom, or your kitchen, unless your name is Marie Condo, I think we can all agree that deep cleaning is NOT fun.

However, even though we can all agree that cleaning is not awesome, it still must be done.

Here are three tips to make it not so extremely overwhelming and stressful. In fact, if done correctly cleaning can help you release stress, and feel more energized.

Tip #1:

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Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

You are never going to get the entire house deep cleaned in one day so don’t try. Unless you have an entire army at your disposal, it’s just not going to happen.

What will happen though, is that you will feel completely overwhelmed and then disappointed when you only get one room done. You will feel frustrated and your house will feel more stressful than before you looked at it.

What you should do is look at how much time you have and make a goal of what you can clean in the amount of time that you do. And don’t bite off more cleaning than you can chew. Clean what you can and clean at your own pace.

People that always have clean houses, tend to clean for small amounts of time but clean more frequently. Think about it. If you actually deep cleaned your bathroom every single Saturday and lightly cleaned it every day. You could get it clean and keep it clean in a short amount of time.

Tip #2

Use Your Resources

Let’s be honest, this world runs on WikiHow and Pinterest. There are a lot of cleaning hacks and DIY (Do It Yourself) that many people are using to clean their houses faster, easier, and stress-free.

My suggestion is to use the internet and any DIY “how to’s” to really deep clean your house on any project you may have and really dig into it.

Tip #3:

Reward Yourself

“Treat Yo-Self!”
So for this tip, it is so important to really “treat yourself” after cleaning and completing what you can do in your set time frame.

The best treats are planned outings. If you know that you need to get your kitchen clean before your important stuff, then suddenly the kitchen gets cleaned a lot faster.

Your reward doesn’t have to be expensive either. Open a bag of MnM’s. Give yourself one MnM for every task accomplished. You will be amazed at how much more motivated you are and how much faster you move.

Reward yourself for accomplishing something big and then do it again! The idea is to make deep cleaning less of a chore and more of an enjoyable experience that you can do again and again.
So Treat-Yo-Self next time.

Bonus Tip!

These three tips can definitely help you make deep cleaning a more enjoyable experience and less of a stressful experience.

But even with all these great tips. There are just some messes that you just don’t have the time or the energy to go through with it. Maybe you moved into a fixer-upper or maybe you really need to help someone out. One last tip that I can offer is to call in a professional. Someone that can clean and deep clean a house, a garage, or an office space.

Clean Freak Utah can definitely be those professionals who can clean up anything. Let us know what we can clean to make your deep cleaning an enjoyable experience.